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TED Talks That Changed The Way I Do Business & Inspired My Marketing Theory

Dude….It’s TED. Need I say more? Don Tapsott: Four Principles For The Open World An amazing explanation of the technology revolution. Clearly defines the effect of social media on the globe and what the next generation of kids are growing up in. 345,000+ views David Damberger: What appens when an NGO admits failure A compelling story of [...]

Captain Obvious Strikes in Ketchum Idaho

There has been another Captain Obvious siting in a small family owned grocery store in Ketchum Idaho. I mean, these guys really answered a question that I have been struggling with for a very long time, “What on earth are those small plastic baskets for?” Well, today we can unravel the answer to the question that everyone has been [...]

Hey QFC, Are You Sure You Want To Give Away Chocolate for $.50?

Everyone loves chocolate. Even if people tell you they don’t like chocolate, they are lying to you. In fact, even people that are allergic to chocolate still LOVE chocolate. What’s better then chocolate? A good deal on Chocolate. Believe me, I’m the happiest man alive when I find good deals on chocolate. Leave it to the [...]